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About Stage Left Wine Shop in New Brunswick, NJ 08901

In 1992, Francis Schott and Mark Pascal opened Stage Left Restaurant, where they focused on local and seasonal foods and amazing estate-bottled wines from small producers no one had ever heard of. That wasn't really a thing yet. People called them crazy and they had to do a lot of explaining, but it was worth it. 

It didn't take long for Stage Left to achieve it's reputation as one of NJ's best and most innovative wine and spirits destinations. Now that so many others have seen the light and joined the chorus, the relationships Mark and Francis have forged and fostered over the last two and a half decades serve them well. They're still scouring the planet to bring you delicious and unusual wines and spirits that deliver great value for the money. 

Twenty-five years ago, it was a challenge to find these small estates. Today the challenge is to sort through the sea of mediocrity. While there are still some bad wines in the market, modern commercial winemaking today usually turns out a fairly pleasant beverage. We have no interest in fairly pleasant beverages.

This is Stage Left's Online Wine Shop

Every wine & spirit we offer is exceptional. Every wine we offer is a wine that makes us say "wow!" If it's not exciting, if it's not an excellent example of what it is supposed to be, then we are simply not interested. Not every person likes every wine. You may not like Barbaresco. That's fine.

But when you buy a Barbaresco from us, you know it's an exceptional example of the genre. Even with our combined experience and the thousands of wines we have tasted critically every year for these many years, if you see it on these pages, you know it made us say, "Wow!"

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Call us for wines or advice you don't see.

If you would like some help selecting wine from these pages or you have a need for a certain type of wine that you don't see, feel free to give us a call at the restaurant 732-828-4444, ext 213.

We don't carry most large production or mainstream brands, but we can find you great stuff for your home, parties, presents, weddings  etc.

Feel free to email or call us if we can be of assistance!  

(732) 828-4444 (both restaurant and wine shop) or

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