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Return Policy

The little boy opened his Christmas present excitedly. It was not the fire truck he had anticipated. No, it was a sweater. Remembering what his parents had taught him about being polite, he said "Thank you anyway!"

Please Inspect All Orders Immediately On Receipt.

Problems: Call Us Right Away at 732-828-4444

All Returns must be within 30 Days of Delivery and must have a receipt.


If we have made a mistake and there is a problem with having shipped you a wrong wine or wrong vintage, snap a picture of the front and back label and put the wine securely back in the package. Call us at (732) 828-4444 or email and we will get the correct bottles to you and put in a pickup for the one we messed up.  We will also be mortified and apologize profusely.

If a bottle of wine is corked (TCA-affected) or otherwise bad, put the cork securely back in the bottle. Leave the wine in the bottle. We cannot give credit on empty bottles.  Call or email us and we’ll arrange for pickup. When we get it back, we’ll inspect to see what went wrong and arrange for replacement; or you can bring it into the restaurant for the same.

If you just don’t like it?  Returns of wine are a sticky business. One of the things we work very hard at is ensuring the chain of custody and consistent shipping and storage conditions, from the cool cellar to the refrigerated truck to the refrigerated shipping container to the distributor’s cool warehouse by another refrigerated truck and then another refrigerated truck to our cellar, then hand delivered or shipped in insulated containers to you.

Wine is like a toddler, you worry about it when it’s not in your custody.But sometimes wine must be returned, and in these cases we want to handle it as efficiently as possible.If you encounter a wine you really just don’t like and want to return, put the cork securely back in the bottle. Leave the wine in the bottle. We cannot give credit on empty bottles.You can return it in person or ship it back via insulated wine case (the one it came in).There is a 20% restocking fee on all returns.

Feel free to email or call us if we can be of assistance!  

(732) 828-4444 (both restaurant and wine shop) or

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