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Alvear - 3 Miradas (Three Looks) 2018 (750ml)

Price: $19.95

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Producer Alvear
Country Spain
Region Andalucia
Subregion Montilla-Moriles
Varietal Pedro Ximenez
Vintage 2018
Sku 82190
Size 750ml

This wine is completely exciting. The wine is aged under the "velo de flor" for eight months before bottling.

The making of white sherry (Fino or Manzanilla), requires the formation of a 'Flor.' This is a flowering of a film of yeast on the surface of the wine in-cask, which provides an imperfect barrier to the oxygen outside. That is why all sherry is somewhat oxidized, but sherries raised 'under flor' remain white and don't turn brown because of the protection of the flor. Flor is only possible with the indigenous yeasts found in the region of Andalucía in southern Spain.

Not only does the flor protect the wine from too oxygen, while allowing in just the perfect amount in a living and dynamic way, the flor itself thrives and imparts it's own distinct flavor characteristics.

Alvear is one of a handful of wine-makers employing this tactic on non-sherry still wines. It's remarkable and it is totally new. When you taste the wine, you can certainly see what it has in common with a great fino-sherry, but with a characteristic all it's own. Lively, bright, saline, mineral and delicious. 

The mildly oxidative character will appeal to lovers of orange wine, the rest of it's charms will also endear it to anyone else. Exciting stuff.

Alvear Description

Founded in 1729, Bodegas Alvear is one the most prestigious and oldest family run wineries in the world. It is the second oldest winery in Spain and the oldest in Andalucía. Focused on
producing the finest wines in Andalucía from the Pedro Ximénez grape, the current 8th
generation of the family upholds the tradition established by Diego de Alvear y Escalera several centuries ago. This wine is made from 50 year old vines farmed completely sustainably without organic certificaiton, but avoiding all use of harmful fungicides, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and irrigation.

The soil is Albariza, composed mostly of limestone and soft maristone. Poor in organic matter, of a simple mineral composition, and a crumbly consistency.

The Tres Miradas project is the latest collaboration between Bodegas Alvear & Envinate.
It represents a goal of the Alvear family and Envinate to express the terroir that has been
historically known as the Sierra de Montilla, with a winemaking approach that focuses more on the vineyard and less on the ageing process in the cellar.

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